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Thank you Kazzamm

Friday, March 4, 2011

3/4/11 - RANDOM

Random - In positive news my wife has 2 interviews next Monday. 1 with a head hunting company (she already interviewed with another head hunter co. in our local area) that does preliminary interviews for other companies and 1 with a commercial realty company. She used to work for a commercial realty company and this position (we think) is almost exactly like she had a few weeks ago. Wife is still having some health issues from her accident a couple of months ago.  Another good note. Last weekend we had a yard sale over 2 days, just unloading some old stuff we didn't use/want anymore. We made $750. With the 6 weeks of severance pay my wifes old company is giving her and the yard sale we are looking ok for the next few months at least :)

ALSO ... Thank you to those of you who haven't given up on me. I will get back in to my normal routing shortly. My basement/workout area is currently a disaster zone due to the yard sale but I plan on doing some major cleanup duty today and tomorrow.

Stay safe everyone and cross your fingers for my wife to pick up some more work next week :)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

2/26/11 - RANDOM

Hey folks just wanted to say I haven't given up. My wife spent this past week on a couple of interviews and tying up some medical stuff while she was still on old employers medical insurance (she will be on mine 3/1 but I have like a $500 deductible). Having a yard-sale today. No we aren't desperate for money but just had lots of stuff that had accumulated and its been about 2 years since our last sale. :)
Anyways only 9 days off so far for the wife and we are still optimistic. I will get back in to my workout routine it may just be another week or so before things get settled back down here at home. Will give another update next week.

Friday, February 18, 2011

2/18/2011 - Random

The Kazzamm household got some great news this AM ... "due to current economic conditions we will be having to reduce your pay". So ... wheres bad news #3 ?

1) Family member in hospital for 3 days with gall bladder surgery.
2) Reduction in income
3) ???

I guess things could always be worse. I have one coworker who lost his wife first 1/4 last year (mid 40's) then lost his mother in the last 1/4.
Anyways headed to work shortly. See you folks Monday.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

2/17/11 - Random

Hey folks sorry I havent been that diligent with posting/working out this week. As I mentioned Monday have some family had gall bladder surgery on top of having worked Sunday night. On top of that this is my long week so I work tonight, Friday night, Saturday night then Mon-wed nights as well.

Daytona 500 is Sunday ... Go Greg! ... so another "holiday" with bad food all around :x

I am just going to call this week a dud and tell everyone to have a good weekend :D
See ya'll Monday