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Saturday, December 11, 2010

12/11/10 - P90X - Food - Random

P90X - Legs & Back  aka Jell Leg day ...  I managed to do the full 90 seconds on the first set of squats and the full 60 seconds on the single leg squats but I had to skip 2 of the last exercises. Skipped the 80/20 squat and the "Groucho March". By the last few sets of exercises my knee was throbbing like mad. On a side note ... while getting ready for work after my shower I noticed a little bit of definition in my abs and I have been avoiding the ab-ripper video. I am thinking there is some real benefit to this P90X routine. Now if only I could manage the 6 days a week AND make myself start following the nutrition guide! :) Well I still like my occasional hamburger and steak. 3 workouts in 1 week so far. Maybe I will

Food -
2am - 1 slice of meat lovers pizza, 2c of fried rice, 1 scoop vanilla ice cream & water
8am - half a bowl of oatmeal & 12 oz OJ
2pm - footlong chili cheese dog 12ox mello yello
8pm - 6" black forest ham on wheat w/ lettuce, tomato, cucumber, pickle, olives, onion, pepper jack cheese and sweet onion sauce & 12oz mello yello

Random - Guess I should have mentioned the abs here but it felt P90X related :) so I'm happy. Another boring night at work :D which means who I get to do some work related studying AND I'll do some reading. Saw the sweet onion sauce on "The Biggest Loser" a week or 2 ago and was in a hurry to get to work tonight so I figured I would give it a try. My wife said the one time she tried it she didnt like it but I found it enjoyable. It allowed me to avoid having them heap mayonnaise (which I FLOVE) on my sandwich. SO if any of you folks enjoy Subway sandwiches on occasion I suggest giving it a try ... maybe on a 6" sub so in case you dont like it its not a total waste :) Enough rambling see yall tomorrow.


  1. That sub sounds pretty good right about now...

  2. Nice training you had today! Here's my advide; Mello Yello or any kind of soda sure are nice but they have a very high ammount of unnecessary calories! When I wanted to lose weight, I switched to stuff like Gatorade G2 or water which have approx 0-40calories instead of 190. At the end of the week, there's a huge difference!

  3. Time for me to be a smart a$$. Your problem isn't an occasional steak or hamburger... 2 cups of fried rice is a ton of food (and points)... as is the footlong chili cheese dog. Small changes would make a HUGE difference. I'm sure you know that though.

  4. I was sabotaged with the chili cheese dog. :/ its not my fault!!! Someone brought it home while I was sleeping then rang the doorbell to wake me up and said "here I dont want this after all". I cant just let food go to waste.

  5. That 80/20 squat is so hard! It's hard to balance, and if I am balanced then it's probably because I am not doing it right by keeping too much weight on the other leg. LOL Oh well. Its our effort that counts right? We just have to keep going! :)

  6. My apologies. Next time though, it's okay to let the food go into the garbage can. While not preferable, it's better than having it attach itself to your ass or stomach.