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Monday, February 7, 2011

2-7-11 P90X - Food - Random

P90X - CoreX aka push up day. Did my workout. Trying to get bck in the groove now after this long holiday season :)

Food - 
8am - 2 oranges & 12oz mellow yellow
1pm - 1 bowl hot and sour soup & 12oz mellow yellow
6pm - eeep ... 4 hot dogs, 3 buns & 12oz OJ

Random - 
I know I know 4 hot-dogs! Hey on the bright side I did my workout by noon today instead if waiting until 3 then rushing myself. I hope to get in the routine (said it before I know) of doing my exercises in the AM. :)
See ya'll tomorrow.


  1. Ah don't worry, I'm sure hot dogs are filled with all sorts of vitamins and nutrients... or is that just what I tell myself because I eat a shitload of them too? lol

  2. It's definitely good to get into a morning routine. Frees up the rest of your day to get things done!

  3. eat sum methyltest and report back ahah

    following n supporting , reliable