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Saturday, February 26, 2011

2/26/11 - RANDOM

Hey folks just wanted to say I haven't given up. My wife spent this past week on a couple of interviews and tying up some medical stuff while she was still on old employers medical insurance (she will be on mine 3/1 but I have like a $500 deductible). Having a yard-sale today. No we aren't desperate for money but just had lots of stuff that had accumulated and its been about 2 years since our last sale. :)
Anyways only 9 days off so far for the wife and we are still optimistic. I will get back in to my workout routine it may just be another week or so before things get settled back down here at home. Will give another update next week.


  1. Get back in the routine quick...from my experience its too easy to give up when you have a break from working out.

  2. I hope everything comes out right :)

  3. 9 days? Are you that sick of me? It's been 8. :p

  4. I hope everything is in order man, you haven't posted in a while