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Friday, March 4, 2011

3/4/11 - RANDOM

Random - In positive news my wife has 2 interviews next Monday. 1 with a head hunting company (she already interviewed with another head hunter co. in our local area) that does preliminary interviews for other companies and 1 with a commercial realty company. She used to work for a commercial realty company and this position (we think) is almost exactly like she had a few weeks ago. Wife is still having some health issues from her accident a couple of months ago.  Another good note. Last weekend we had a yard sale over 2 days, just unloading some old stuff we didn't use/want anymore. We made $750. With the 6 weeks of severance pay my wifes old company is giving her and the yard sale we are looking ok for the next few months at least :)

ALSO ... Thank you to those of you who haven't given up on me. I will get back in to my normal routing shortly. My basement/workout area is currently a disaster zone due to the yard sale but I plan on doing some major cleanup duty today and tomorrow.

Stay safe everyone and cross your fingers for my wife to pick up some more work next week :)


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  3. You'll see everything will come out good in the end, i'm gonna keep an eye on you bro