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Sunday, October 17, 2010

10/17/10 - P90X - Legs and Back ... Food ... Random thoughts ...

Alright I'm being lazy today. Going to combine P90X, Food, and random thoughts in to 1 post.

Food -
1am - (dinner from Sat) Waffle house - Dbl 1/4 w/ cheese and hasbrowns
1pm - 10 nuggets from CFA, macNcheese & water
6pm - spaghetti & 2 cokes

P90X - Legs and Back ...
Balances Lunges from this thing are a bit different. First 1 I was like oh this is easy wheres the hard stuff. After 25 (first leg mind you) I was like HOLY BLEEP! What happened to the easy part. AND ... O.M.G. my calves were SCREAMING!!!

Random - College Football
Pardon for my Euro and other followers that's American football.
First congrats to my fav team UGA ... Go DAWGS!!!
Second congrats to my wifes team UA ... Roll Tide!
Third ... !!! LMAO at 3 top 10s going down yesterday.

Had a great time yesterday in-spite of a bit of running around. Wife managed a pair of tickets to go see UA v Ole Miss so I knew meals & P90X yesterday would be tough to track/do. Then today recovering from not getting home till @ 2am well we (I) slept till 11am and I am due back at work tomorrow night so I didnt freak out about meals today but I did manage my work out. Well part of it :D I didn't do the ab work I was supposed to but I think I will manage to get over it. Back on oatmeal breakfast and trying to watch my portions tomorrow. Maybe next week I will start tracking my pts ala WW. Have a good day tomorrow folks.

TL:DR ... Food was crap Sat and Sun due to hectic ... P90X = legs and abck skipped ab ripper ... Random UGA won = me happy UA won = wife happy ... yesterday was fun tailgated at UA game ... catch yall tomorrow.


  1. GTL erryday gotta do it

  2. Man all u need is iintensity if you are trying to lose weight and I suggest cutting way back on pop - all i drink is water and juice