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Monday, October 18, 2010

10/18/10 - P90X & Food

7am - Oatmeal & water
1pm - 2 chicken burritoes & water
6pm - Chicken finger, cornm, pasta & mellow yellow

P90X -
Today was supposed to be Kenpo X which I was looking forward to, its very kickboxing related and I have many years in martial arts training, but my daughter ended up with a fever starting about noon yesterday and stayed home today. So instead of getting any rest today and getting my workout in this afternoon I ended up being up with her all day and can anyone imagine doing kicks with a 4 year old asking "what are you doing?" I am hoping to do my KenpoX in the AM when I get home from work. Tomorrow should be a 'rest day' but I am trying to rotate my schedule so my rest days are on Sunday so my plans are Kenpo in the AM and then Core in the afternoon when I get up. All I can say about that is O.M.G. will I be worn out!

TL:DR ... food was ok today. skipped P90X today cause kid was sick. Going to try 2 workouts tomm.

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