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Friday, October 22, 2010

10/22/10 - P90X - Food - Random

P90X -  Skipped it today. Woke up feeling some major tenderness in my abs. Not sore stiff muscles from a good workout. Decided to rest a little today. Did go swimming a little with my daughter this afternoon. Will try and get back in the groove tomorrow although this weekend and next are a bit hectic. SIL getting married next Saturday.

Food - 
7am - Spaghetti and Mellow Yellow
2pm - Spaghetti & water
7pm - Italian grilled chicken, sauteed squash, cucumbers & water

Random -
I know I picked up a few followers today. I promise to check everyone's blogs tomorrow. Was a bit of a slug today. Downside to working night shift 3 days a week. Takes me 2 days to get in 'day-shift' groove.

See yall tomorrow.


  1. Keep up with that workout man! I'd hate to see you fall behind on it haha.

  2. I guess spending time with your children is good too^^