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Thursday, October 21, 2010

10/21/10 - P90X - Cardio ... Food

P90X - Cardio ... I didn't have the stiffness today after the Core workout from yesterday that I had last week. Obviously I wont see abs just pop out after 7 or 8 work outs but I feel like there is a difference. My abs are sore but its a good kind of sore. So ... heres to hoping I manage to stick with the 90 days. Or close to them at least :D

Food - 
2am ... meat loaf,rice, corn & water
8am ... oatmeal & water
6pm ... chicken fajitas & sweet tea.

Tomorrow is Friday and I have no work \o/ I doubt I will get 2 workouts in but I may get motivated enough to walk the dog.


  1. Make sure to drink lots of water. Are you eating INSTANT oatmeal, or stuff from a can which you make, yourself? (The latter is better, btw) Also try to cut back on the sweet part of the sweet tea, if possible.

    Do your best! Try not to lose motivation. Look forward to that pound and a half off every week at weigh-day. : )

  2. dude oatmeal sucks, the rest of your diet is yummy, good luck!!

  3. I've actually been kind of interested in P90X. I'm not out of shape, but I think that I'd like to gain a bit more muscle. I'll surely check back to see how it's working for you.

  4. Glad I found your blog.
    I am also dieting, so far i have lost 50.6 pounds, and still going.

  5. try running when you talk your dog for walks. its a bond builder between you two also