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Monday, October 25, 2010

10/25/10 - P90X - Food - Random

P90X - Legs and Back ... no ab ripper. Some insane Calf raises exercise near the end of the routine. I suspect if I looked back at the legs & back workout from last week I would see I said something similar. :,<
I almost wanted to cry.

Food -
8am - Oatmeal
3pm - Energy drink (mellow yellow) with my workout
6pm - bean burrito and chicken burrito

I am curious if a person can live off of Cucumbers? Wife told me ... dont hold me to this ... but WW says you need 5 servings of vegetables a day. Half a cup = 1 serving. Does not apply to leafy greens. I figure a cucumber = @ 3 servings. Me pokes Jams and wife ... what say yall?

Random -  Hoping to skip the coke with my lunch tonight. Got enough sleep yesterday Im not feeling run down so far tonight ... 11:45pm atm :D ... I know I had said I would start posting my WW points totals for the day and I still plan on it but taking babysteps. The first ones were mixing a lot more oatmeal and less sausage and other garbage into my diet, long ways to go still I know. Next step was this journal. Third step was the P90X. Fourth step I hope to start implmenting in the next week or so is ofcourse the WW pts. Going to try getting a bit more active besides jsut the P90X too, like walking the dog. Any other suggestions?


  1. 1 cucumber is probably three servings of veggies. I don't think a person can live off cucumbers though! LOL I'd suggest a good mixture of fruits/veggies to get all the nutrients you need. Oh and it's not just WW who says you need 5 servings a day (of fruits/veggies)... it's pretty widely accepted fact!

    And *applause* for attempting to skip the coke with lunch... I hope you succeed! Those things add up WAY FAST!

    As for other activities... walking, jogging, do you have a bike?

  2. Well not disputing the need 5 servings fruits/veggies. Just several days ago I had mentioned I was going to try and start posting my total WW pts at the end of the day so was going by those guidelines. :>
    Hrm ... how about 2 cucumbers a day?! That would be 6 veggie servings :D then a cheeseburger for protein, grain and dairy \o/ ... yeah the wife didnt go for that idea Sunday night either when I tried to rationalize the double quarter pounder from wendys

    managed to limit myself to the 1 energy drink (mellow yellow) with my workout yesterday :D

    bed time

  3. *wife pokes you* We hit the ground hard come Monday. Just saying. You get a pass for the wedding b/c I don't have time to do JACK!

    And fool, you're supposed to shoot for the rainbow with your fruits and veggies. Have I taught you NOTHING in 11 years? ;) ♥

  4. If you're in PAIN you're probably pushing yourself too hard. Make sure to take it slow, bro. : (

  5. You better watch out for Allyson! She's on the war path!

  6. Rainbow ...
    Cucumber = green
    Bread = yellow
    Burger = Brown
    Cheese = more yellow
    Tomato = red
    Onion = White

    Lo Edward aye that was some days ago. Dunno what the deal was but had some ab pain. It worked it self out. I am of course being especially careful. I have an older coworker who truly overdid his work out some months ago and tore both rotator cuffs.