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Monday, October 25, 2010

10/24/10 - P90X - Food - Random

EDIT ... Fixed the date in Title

Bit Late I know :>

P90X - Well I ended up missing it today ... kinda figured I would ... daughter had a birthday party to attend then we went to "Boo at the Zoo". While I did not get my P90X workout in I did at least average @ 5k-7k more steps than I usually get on my off days so I am counting this as a win. :>

Food - 
7am - Oatmeal & Mellow Yellow
2pm - pizza & water
8pm - :x ... Wendy's Double, some fries, large chili (wife tells me the WW pts on it arent bad) and Root Beer

Random - 
 We have a lot going on personally right now ... SIL getting married soon ... I am hoping that after this next Sunday everything in our house will kind "normal out" and it will be easier to not find ourselves rushed and having to do the .. ."Ill grab a burger" thing. As for the workouts while I haven't stuck strictly to the 6 days exercise 1 day rest of the P90X schedule I have at least been WAY more active in the 2 weeks I have been doing it. I think if I looked back I have managed to work out 7(or 8) out of 14 days? Seeing as I haven't been doing anything in ... well more days/months/years than I want to admit I FEEL like I am doing quite well. Anyways more news ... well tonight :>
Sleep well my friends.


  1. Not a big deal to miss a workout. Maybe go easier on the fast food though. Good luck!

  2. I like the selection of food :D

  3. P90X is a serious commitment. I agree that it's okay to miss one here and there. If you're still working out about 5 days a week, you're still doing a lot of work. Keep going forward!

  4. I always wanted to try root beer but dont know where to get it

  5. Yeah the fast food was a bad one today. We were out late with the munchkin. Normally try and have her in bed by 730 as it was we werent home till 915.

    Campino - As for root-beer its just a different type of coke. Should be on grocery aisle next to Coke Sprite Pepsi etc. several brands out there.

    Dungeoneer - definitely gaming food in my list on a weekly basis :D

    Synthetic and other supporters - ty for the kind words. I am definitely finding it difficult to squeeze the workout in on my work days. past couple of weeks have just been busy on the weekends with Halloween/holidays and SIL upcoming wedding.

  6. When i wnat to get in shape i just start doing some sports and don't change my eating habits. Thats much more relaxing when u don't have to controle everything you eat.

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  8. Havent been trying to control what I eat (other than breakfast) so much as how much. In the recent past that would have been 2 doubles a large fry and large chili and large coke x2. Last nights meal was 1 Double, half a regular fry, large chili and 2x regular coke. Now I have been trying to change up the breakfast habit. In the recent past a normal breakfast was 2 sausage,egg mcmuffins & 1 (or2) hash-browns from McD's. I have been doing fairly well I think at having oatmeal for breakfast. Even if it is the instant kind. Its got to be better for me than McD's 4-5 times a week.

  9. hehe i like keeping up with your progress :)

  10. Hopefully the pizza or the fast food wasn't tooooo greasy haha.