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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

10/27/10 - P90X - Food - Random

P90X - Kenpo again today. Had to do a mini workout due to time restraints. Did sets w/ 20 reps instead of the 30 Tony asks for in the video and would skip to the next exercise. Ended up skipping the 100 punches at the end too.

Food -
2am - meat loaf w/ rice, half a cucumber & water
8am - chicken pot pie & water
7pm - umm ... well this was my weakness today ... BBQ baked potatoe. Let just say this place I get these from the potatoe is HUGE. I can eat a whoel large pizza if I have a mind to. I can barely eat 3/4 of the potatoe. Also I truly think they use a whole stick of butter when preparing these things. But FOLKS I SWEAR THESE ARE AWESOME!!! If any of you make it to BHM these things are worth the negative points in whatever diet/meal plan you might be on. Al's Deli look em up if ya make it this way. :D
(Update) 11:00pm - Finished the last 1/4 of my potatoe and had a mellow yellow as a pick me up.

Random - 
Todays rant is about the morons who ignore the TURN lanes and turn from a traffic lane. Be it the turn lane in the middle of the road for left hand turns or on the side for right hand turns. There is a reason those lanes are there! USE THEM. Coming to work tonight there is a turn lane on the right side of the road to make a right hand turn in to a grocery store. Some barking mad idiot decides to ignore the 100 yards or so of turn lane and make a right hand turn from in front of me. How I wish we could go back to the days of challenging people to duels for the most absurd of things. I would do my part in cleaning out the gene pool. Rant over :>

P90X not much time today. did mini workout ... Food was good fro lunch at work and breakfast. dinner today was BAAAAD ... RANDOM I hate morons who dont use the turn lanes.


  1. Looks like you got everything down. And yes, people who don't use turn lanes are really annoying, I guess if your in a busy area you could honk really loud and make them feel like an idiot.