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Friday, October 29, 2010

10/28/10 - P90X - Food - Random

OI Forgot to post last night. Sorry.

P90X -  Ended up skipping today. Was just tired as <bleep>. I'll get a workout in today

Food - 
2am - Meatloaf and rice
2pm - ham sandwich & rootbeer
7pm - bbq, macNcheese, baked beans & water

Random -
Usual request for some billionaire benefactor to donate some money so I can stop working night shift. Any takers?  When I quit my old job 3.5 years ago I went from 5 nights at 8-10 hours to 3 nights at 12.5 hours (and more money). I thought this is a sweet deal! TBH these 3 nights are tough but not unbearable. Its the needing to switch from working 3 Nights to sleeping the other 4. Quite often I wake up at 3 am then sit here in the office trying to keep from making too much noise. And it sucks. I play my pc games with little to no volume. Surf my humor sites only to have to hold in my laughs. And generic stuff trying not to wake the house. Alright later folks. Posts for Fri - Sun will be delayed or possibly skipped due to SIL wedding stuff and Race Sunday.