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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day 12 - 10/13/10

1am - Lunch - shepherds pie  w/ rice and salad & water
8am - breakfast - oatmeal & water
6pm - dinner - 2 hard shell tacos and chicken burrito from Taco Bell & water (edit ... I had a glass of sweet tea before leaving the house)
830pm - having a root beer.

Alright while I know 1 day doesnt mean I am in the groove I am trying to get on track for oatmeal for breakfast for most if not all days. Any of you followers out there do the WW thing ? I am curious if I post my daily point intake (not enrolled in WW but I know people who are) if I am breaking any laws etc? I figure the point system they (WW) use is a good means of tracking daily food intake.


  1. My resident WW expert says if I post the pts for individual items that is copyright infringement (or whatever law) BUT I can post my daily pts totals. So hopefully her in the next day or so I can start keeping up with pts I have eaten. Maybe my WW expert can help me figure out how many pts I should be allotted too.