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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day 6 - 10/7/10

8am - breakfast = 2 turkey sausage egg mcmuffins & water. wifes ww counter says these are 5pts so I think this was an acceptable breakfast. hope WW doesnt try and sue me for proprietary BS

- lunch was skipped as I was sleeping since im due at work tonight -

6pm - swiss portobello burger & water

As of 9pm I have managed to avoid sodas all day. although there is a rootbeer in my bag calling my name :/
10pm - root beer (ill just leave this here)

on a side note I have the P90X workout stuff ... done some cleaning up in basement den with impending b'day party. I think i have my work out area set up so ... hopefully come monday with the new week after daughters party is out of the way i can get motivated and start back on it.

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