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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Day 9 - 10/10/10

Started the day off so well.

8am - breakfast - 2 turkey sausage,egg & cheese muffin ... then it goes downhill ... had Mt. Dew for a drink

1:30 - lunch - pizza
7:00pm - dinner - pizza

Um after the Mt. Dew I lost count of the sodas. I was in the bouncy house for @ 10 minutes starting at noon. (was in there numerous other times) and I came out POURING sweat.

On a positive note I knew going in to today that i was doomed, today was my daughters 4th b'day. So ... I dont look at this as a fail. Tomorrow I hope to turn things around.


  1. I love your blog idea, I am trying to loose weight too with my sister, it's so hard! And mountain dew has been my downfall many a time! I am really bad about eating or drinking something bad and then thinking "well, there goes my day, I will just start again tomorrow" lol But I have had to stop telling myself that and start saying "Just because I had this one thing, doesn't mean I am stopping today!"

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  3. i know how you feel im counting calories and whenever justin has a day off i managae to screw up lol. i had subway and taco bell (i only had one taco).. just get back on track. you cant fail a diet, the best part is the only one grading you is you. if you feel your doing better than you are!

  4. Decent. My breakfast was an energy drink, my lunch the same, and then a big mac for dinner. :P