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Monday, October 11, 2010

Day 10 - 10/11/10

7am - breakfast - pizza and apple juice
1pm - lunch - pizza and sweet tea & and mellow yellow (sigh if im being honest guess i have to include the mellow yellow as i headed to bed.
6pm - dinner - some shrimp/pasta alfredo stuff and sweet tea.

yeah yeah yeah the next 3 days are gonna look bad too. again the whole night shift and keep the fridge cleaned out thing i end up with 2-3 meals that are not good for me in a day. On the brightside yesterdays b'day party went relatively well. Daughter was happy and other than a little 5 minute melt down from her over sharing coloring pages it was problem free (shes 4 and she didnt get a nap yesterday so it was expected). And sorry folks this is my long week at work I'll get back to commenting on interesting posts in a couple of days. I am of course at least checking all my friends (and fellow /b/astards) pages several times a day :>


  1. pizza and apple juice for breakfast? WTF?

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  2. dude you would be fine if you dropped the pizza lol! replace it with a bagel or something.

  3. this is relevant to just what I was thinking about

  4. we had a 4 yr old bday party this weekend. had some pizza left over. i did well for breakfast this am.