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Friday, October 15, 2010

P90X - Lean - Day 3 - Shoulders, Arms, and Ab Ripper ...

About the time I got to the chair squat things my arms were feeling like jello. thankfully had several fone calls today to help break up the workout ... :D ... I had forgotten how my arms feel after this one. I dunno if I am going to manage the Ab Ripper later today or not. If/WHEN I do i will update. For those of you who have borrowed this from a buddy or someone I will say this. I have a coworker who is on round 3. That's right hes done 180+ days so far. He says its still tough  (I'm guessing he keeps increasing his weights) but I can see the results. He is looking ripped. Thats all for now folks. Maybe some random thoughts tonight :D


  1. That ab ripper work out is a beast. You'll find out soon enough :D

  2. yeah ive done it a couple of times ... last time i tried doing the 90 days. im hoping the desire to keep updating my block will be enough to keep pushing me through the first 90 days.