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Thursday, October 14, 2010

P90X - Lean - Day 2 - Cardio

OI! Some MAJOR stiffness today but I managed to keep from being distracted as bad and managed to hold out until 35-40 minutes before taking a breather. Yesterday It seemed like I would get to a section in the Core video and be "oh I need X" Thankfully the cardio section doesn't have as many of those "needs".  Here are the photos I meant to upload yesterday ... 

... yeah a couple of them seem just a hair out of focus. Still ya can tell I have a bit of a gut. Followed the photos called for from the P90X videos. And meet my workout buddy Tiki. :D

like i asked on today's meal post ... should i combine my p90x and food posts into 1?


  1. I do 12 oz can lifts till i fall over, and still i can't get rid of this beer belly...

  2. lmao ...
    ive said fo rmany year sI do arm building exercises ... with chips and assorted foods.

  3. good luck on P90x. it's a tuffy, no doubt about it. hopefully you'll last longer than i did :D

  4. this is my 2nd time trying it. first time guy at work and i would take our lunch-breaks and do it. we managed @ 15-20 workouts sporadically before he quit. And I kinda need the motivation of a workout buddy.

  5. p90x is something i am sort of slowly working into my own (boxing & old school:jogging,kettlebells,sledgehammer,heavy bag ect) u look like you have been in shape before so if u stay motivated youll do just fine

    best of luck

  6. I used to play loads of tennis (25+ hours a week) in highschool and college.