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Monday, October 4, 2010

Thoughts for the day ...

I have decided (I think) to try and make 2 posts/a day. 1 = meals for the day & 1 = randoms thoughts. So ofc I may have a brain dead day and have no random thoughts. So for those of you who actually read my posts dont try and hold me to that 2 a day :P

Random thought today : Has anyone else come across the Bing advert through the google adsense?! I mean seriously WTF!?

Oh yeah and vote on my poll /b/astards :D


  1. update ... now I have come across a webcrawler search in the adsense box. are all other search engines so fail they have to pull these stunts ?!

  2. I haven't lol, that's a bit weird. You should screenshot it the next time you see it!

  3. good luck with the weight loss!

    haven't seen the bing advert tho

  4. /b/stards i dont want 1 of each on the poll! :P
    I want a clear winner. I have switched to 4 (from 7) as that was the first vote and it works well with the adsense ads :>

  5. Ha cool looking forward to 2 posts a day so!

  6. @ gypsy ... no to the weights. have a few lighter weight dumbbells and i tried the P90X thing several months back. gotta try again.

  7. Great post!

    looking forward to reading the next one