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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

11-10-10 ... P90X - Food - Random

P90X - Kenpo ... I skipped the 100 punches at the end and one of the other sets. I started out the day (@ 3pm) still feeling all bleh. After working out I actually felt better. Still have itchy watery eyes and dont want to be at work atm (11:45pm) but I feel better than I did this AM. Anyways a fair round of Kenpo. About to have 7 days in a row off so hopefully I can manage to get in a good rhythm.

Food -
1am - Beef tips and rice & water
4am - oatmeal & water
8am - sausage sandwich (on toasted 3 grain bread) & water
6pm - chicken pot pie, rice, green beans & Mt Dew

Random - To whomever asked why my meals were so sporadic and mixed times. And whomever mentioned the sleep schedule ... yeah my daily routine is all mixed up due to (1) working night shift (2) working 3 nights a week (3) working 12.5 hour shifts. Anyways I blame my company for reducing our PTO if I get any of my coworkers infected. I have 1 day left and I need to save it in case of real sickness not just a fake cold. So ... Take That Corporate America!

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