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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

11/09/10 - P90X - Food - Random

P90X - Overslept big time today. I normally get up @ 3pm ish I didnt wake up till 4:30pm so I had to skip today. I have decided I am definitily fighting off a cold or something. Scratchy feeling in the back of my throat and still feeling achy all over. Not getting discouraged just aggravated with myself for oversleeping. I HOPE that one of these days I can get a good rhythm going where I am able to do my workout everyday and not have to cram it in with everything else.

Food -
1am - Half a hamburger, egg roll, serving of raw squash, & water
7am - 2 toaster struddles & water
6pm - beef tips w/ rice and corn on the cob & 2 Mt. Dews. :<
Told ya Im feeling all peckish. I just havent cared today what I ate/drink or how much. Currently feel like my stomach is about to eat my back bone. debating going and having an early lunch.

Random - Bad news travels in 3's right? Wife had auto accident (not her fault) 2 months ago (almost a year to the day after I had one). Sunday SIL/BIL involved in auto accident on their way to cruise for their honeymoon. ... Wheres the 3rd accident ??? Mondy night come in to work and find out youg man on the other end of the week lost his grandmother over the weekend. Tonight come in and find out ANOTHER guy on the other end of the week lost his 50yo brother last night/this AM. Wheres the 3rd one??? I dunno but I am kind of afraid to leave the house at this point.

See yall tomorrow


  1. I think getting on a good sleep out schedule is clutch. Honestly, the time change has helped me wake up earlier this week. Force yourself to wake up as early as possible for a few days and your body will begin to adjust. A good wake up call by heading straight to the shower -- problem is making it there. Keep up the good work on your P90X progress.