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Monday, November 22, 2010

11/22/10 - P90X Reboot - Food - Random

P90X - Started over with Core Synergistic. After talking with a co-worker who  is on like day 270 a couple of weeks ago about moving on to phase 2 or doing 1 more week of phase 1 I decided to start over. Basically back at day 1. I look at this as a positive thing though. The first 30 days I didn't do the exercise everyday ... averaged about 4 out of 5 ... and I skipped some exercises here and there then this past 2 weeks with fighting off a cold has been brutal.. I expect I will still miss a day here and there and still skip some of the exercises but having done the Core Synergistic video today I could tell I wasn't as reluctant to do a couple of them. Still ignored the 'Sphinx' and the 'Dreya Roll' but otherwise I did all of the exercises.

Food - 
3am - cup of grapes
7am - oatmeal & OJ
12pm - BIG burrito from Chipotlle (like Moe's Grill) & coke ... :< They make it so cheap versus water. Coke was $1.55 "Bottled water" was $2.25 or so ... GHEY!!! I love my Mellow Yellow (coke brand) but its a conspiracy!
6pm - 5oz bacon wrapped steak, seasoned potatoes (no butter and sour cream), green beans & water

Random - For any of you folks who have never worked night shift ... DONT!!! ... it fubares your sleep schedule SO bad. Anyways tired as ... insert bad words ... I plan on heading to bed early tongiht. HF tomorrow everyone.


  1. Dude, just don't overdo it, keep up the good work :D

  2. Also... now I want a burrito e___e

  3. lol sorry killerkun. :D
    althoguh for price I have to recommend Taco Hell ... Chicken Burrito = $1.
    Chipotle = $6

  4. Something is missing from that menu... I know about it!!!! Don't try to hide it! And you do know you could get water from the soda fountain for free, right? Or unsweet tea and mix it with a little lemonade...

    You've got the right ideas... little changes could make a world of a difference for you. :)

  5. Whats missing ? Honestly dont know what you are referring to.

  6. pssssssst. The other half of my burrito bowl. :D

  7. OH!!! lol it wasnt half. it was like 1/5