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Monday, November 29, 2010

11/29/10 - P90X - Food - Random

P90X - Nope

Food -
1am - BBQ pork sandwich, 1 chicken burrito & coke
9am - oatmeal & water
12pm - publix pizza (yeah the whole thing. its one of those like 12" personal pans ) & coke
3pm - coke
8pm - chicken burrito & water

Random -
In case you folks coudlnt tell ... Well I worked last night. After the work 1 day off 1 day work another day then the car battery .... which ended up being not a big deal as I got a freeby ... all on top of the holiday weekend and crappy weather ... and I actually like rainy weather normally ... I was in a bit of a funk today. I just really didnt care about the havoc I was doing to my meals. I didnt care about laying off the sodas like I should have. Tbh atm I am sitting here contemplating another coke just before I go crash for the night. I was home by 9am this morning and managed to stay up till 12:15pm. Then I woke up at 3pm so I am hoping to sleep most if not all night. Anyways ... "The sun will come out tomorrow, tomorrow. The sun will come out" least I think thats how hte line goes. Annie iirc.

See ya'll tomorrow.


  1. Soo, reading your blog title and what you ate.. I'm just feeling I might not get the point yet! :P

  2. Good job giving yourself a break, man! Tip: Oatmeal tastes awesome with milk instead of water.

  3. all good bro just keep at it, make sure you a some lettuce once in a while

  4. mmmmm i could go for a burrito right about now, im just slicing off pieces of cheese and eating it... yes, you read correctly.

  5. 1am Noodles
    9am Sandwich
    12pm Noodles
    3pm Noodles

    and maybe some candy

    Healthy? No :D

  6. * chuckle * @ Per S
    ComeAtMe ... didn't you say you were going to start working out as well ?

  7. @ Brouchard ... yeah Thanksgiving kind of put a crimp in this past weeks meals/working out. And like I said I was just in a funk yesterday.

    @Nico ... May be right about the milk vs water in oatmeal but it makes it fattening. I am actually doing the oatmeal more as a means of Cholesterol management.

    @ Killer ... yeah I had way more coke yesterday than I would have done on a normal day several months back. For the most part I have done well these past 3 months limiting myself to 1 a day. I have some bad days but I also have some better than average days. It all works out in the end ... I hope.

    @ Das ... I have some cheese every once and a while too. I should probably do a better job at listing what and how much I eat. :/