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Monday, November 29, 2010

11/28/10 - P90X - Food - Random

P90X - Yeah holidays really fubar schedules. :> Workout what workout ?!

Food -
4am - 1 serving kettle cooked chips (NUMMY!)
8am - oatmeal & water
6pm - 2 cruchy tacos 1 chicken burrito
... notice the 10 hour gap? yeah I was asleep a good part of that :> ...

Random -
Cars SUCK!!! Friday night I got ready to go to work and discover my battery is dead. No biggy I take the wifes car. Come home Saturday morning and jump my car off. I come back 2 hours later and my car starts so I figure I didnt get a car door closed or something and just ran the battery dead. Get ready to come to work tonight and lo and behold battery is dead again. Jump my car off this time as my wife will need hers in the morning. I think to myself I'll go out every 2 hours and start my car to maintain a charge till I get home in the AM. Well after being at work 2 hours I tried to start my car and ... its dead. Well I get to ask for a jump from the guards in the AM. Then go to Autozone etc and get a new battery. Did I mention cars SUCK!!! The constant having to sink money in to them. They suck money. They suck gas and they suck your life away!!! Enough ranting for today. See yall tomorrow.


  1. you were up at 4am! eating chips!!!???.... thats ok by me

  2. Um... where were the veggies? fruits? Tough love B... Tough love. No more excuses... either do or do not... there is no try.

  3. Um...the car battery was free. Unless you count that you got the dude a coke as a thank you. :D

  4. And Jams is scary when she gets on the ball. *gives out cell phone number*

  5. chips = potatoes
    tacos had lettuce
    and the burritoes had rice :>
    yeah got lucky on the battery. i literally remember at the last second where it came from and even though it was 3 months out of the free replacement warranty they still did it.

  6. * me looks at the shred it dvds *

  7. DO the shred dvds. don't just watch the girls bouncing up and down in spandex

  8. Chips do not count as potatoes, unless you stand there slicing them by hand and then you bake them. Nice try though.

    I seriously doubt there was enough lettuce on those tacos to make up for the fried chips and other stuff in the tacos.

    And quit "forgetting" to workout. Choose to workout, or choose not to workout. It's not possible to "forget."

    I'll give you kudos for the water though.

  9. Cars do suck. One time I forgot my lights on and my battery was dead. Oh well... I needed a new one anyways.