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Monday, December 20, 2010

12/20/10 - P90X - Food - Random

P90X -  YEAH!!! - Shoulders and Arms. There is one set ... Chair dips. Where I have been doing 10 reps and then 5 reps on the repeat. Today I made myself do the 10 then the second time round I managed 15. While this may not seem like much when combined with all the otehr exercises I was proud of myself.

Food - BOO!!!
7am - spaghetti & water
5pm - corned beef, green beans, and potatoes with cheese and sour cream & water
8pm - 12oz mellow yellow

Random - Bad food day but good work out day. Cell phones! Ok a couple of years ago the cellphone companies ie Motoral, Samsung, etc ... not the carriers such as ATT & Verizon ... agreed to start using the same plug for their fones. The MICRO USB. Do WHAT? Did none of these people notice that half their own device used the MINI USB? I mean seriously can we not get all of these different electronics on 1 plug? USB is great yes but the problem is that there is the MICRO plug all the fones (ok like 80+ %) will now use, then there is the MINI plug that my camera and several other devices use, then the old standard big USB plug for printers and the likes. Frankly it just stinks that we still have to carry around multiple plugs in this day and age :< ... part of the reason I am anti Apple even though I do have an ipod which is dieing and I doubt I shall replace it ... is due to their system specific plug. If I lose my mini usb cable form my camera guess what! the last 3 cameras I have had ALL used the same cable MINI USB. My pedometer from work to upload my steps ... MINI USB ... but now cell phone companioes want to force this 3rd standard on us that frankly should have died. They say they are trying to be more green but all they are doing is wanting their peice of the pie. GRRRR corporate greed, here in the US and elsewhere, just aggravates me. Ok enough ranting :>

Tomorrow is YOGA day :x  which for one reason or another I have still yet to do. Also my supervisors father passed away Saturday so Wednesday afternoon I will probably skip a workout and attend the viewing so I am thinking I shall do my legs&back workout tomorrow.

See ya'll tomorrow


  1. Who cares how many reps you did? As far as you push yourself to the limit and are satisfied with the work you did! Avbout the food, it's kinda hard not to eat good stuff but as I previously said; a good trick would be to simply replace anything you drink for water which I'm sure would cut 1/3 of the calories you take each day + it's healthy as it cleans your body!