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Sunday, December 19, 2010

12/19/10 - P90X - Food - Random

P90X - 
Not today either. Went to a Polar Express train ride thing. I did manage 4k steps while there somehow. Tomorrow is a 'normal' day so I should get my workout in though.

Food -
8am - apple & 12oz OJ
2pm - turkey sandwich and 12oz Mt Dew
7pm -spaghetti and french bread & 24oz mellow yellow

Random - 
Random road bitching moment. Coming south on the interstate, someone comes over in front of me with no blinker. I have to reduce seed by nearly 20 miles an hour. I TAPPED my horn. I did not just lay in to the horn like I am want to do at times but a simple tap to say hey wake up bud. The a-hole flipped me off! Hey losers! I may have been going a little fast but you were going way below the flow of traffic AND you had numerous traffic violations when you cut me off. I could have been a bigger a-hole and shoved the nose of my car THROUGH your tail pipe and been in the right! Ok rant over. Mostly just cause I had nothing else to chat about :D

See ya'll tomorrow


  1. Must be a pain to keep up with a diet and handling all the crazy people in traffic

  2. Aww, I need a new car and you gave me a good idea. Next time someone cut me off when he shouldn't, BAMMM! New car :)

  3. Her face the book of praises, where is read. Supporting!