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Friday, December 3, 2010

12/2/10 - P90X - Food - Random

P90X - Today was KenpoX.
Tuesday (Legs&Back) and today were the first days I managed ALL of the sets and all of the reps. Well I shortened the wall squats they did on the "Legs & Back" from like 90 seconds to 60 seconds but no other shortcuts. My calves are STILL screaming from Tuesday but I am getting used to the exercises if I coudl just get a little more steady with doing them everyday like I am supposed to. Still no noticeable change in physigue or str/sta BUT again this past month I was way worse than Oct about sticking to decent food an/or workout routine.

Food -
7am - Oatmeal & water
1pm - 1 bowl of hot&sour soup & water
6pm - taco salad & water
11pm - 1 bowl of hot&sour soup & water

Random - Nothing to say today other than check my earlier post about my December stats. If nothing else I am proud to have my BP down to "normal". Stuck at work sleepy as <bleep>. See yall tomorrow night.


  1. ^ Hahaha healthy diet is gross, bro.

    Respect, bro, for actually keeping up to that nasty but healthy diet. I tried eating healthy once, and that "once" lasted for 2 meals :D

  2. The oatmeal Ill give you as not being all that tasty but come on "hot and sour soup"?! Its awesome! Taco salad as 'gross'? I didnt use the baked tortilla scoops like my wife and daugher, we had the regular ones left over from 2 weeks ago. This is far from the most healthy anyone could eat. The biggest change I have made in the past 2 months is including more fruits in my diet (the daily foods diet not dieting like slimfast drinks) and oatmeal or turkey sausage muffins in the AM insted of sausage biscuits with hashbrowns from McD's... still do McD's every once in a while :>

  3. Good luck, you might want to look into your diet a little more but at least you're losing some weight!