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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

12/28/10 - P90X - Food - Random

P90X - CoreX workout. OI! I tried the Sphinx push-up and obviously I am doing something wrong as it hurt my lower back so I said NOPE! Did "steam engines" for the minute or so during the Sphinx and Dreya Rolls. Normally I just fast forward through these 2 exercises. Got to use my new 12# free weights (Christmas present from my parents) on a couple of exercises. Man could I tell a difference between the 8#s and the 12#s. A good difference but still very noticeable. With a bit of luck I can use Wednesday morning as catch up. I hope to do the CardioX when I get home in the AM and the Shoulders&Arms when I wake up.

Food -
2am - 1 Milo's burger, 1/2 a cucumber & water
8am - oatmeal & water
6pm - 2 fish sticks battered, large serving baked tater tots, 1/2 a cucumber & 12oz Mt. Dew
11pm - 4 slices thin crust meat lovers pizza & water

Random -
I was doing fairly well until a co-worker asked me to go in halves for a pizza. :/
I know I know I shouldn't have eaten all of my half in 1 sitting. Atleast my lunch whenever it comes will be light. :) Sorry for being so late with my post. See ya'll tomorrow.


  1. The pizza story was funny but not sure how much it set you back with all those calories :)

  2. if its just one pizza in a week its not that bad