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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

12/29/10 - P90X - Food - Random

*** Updated Food & Workout ***

P90X -
\o/ ... I DID get up and do my afternoon workout. "Shoulders and Arms" ... even upped a couple of reps on some things AND used my new 12's on 1 exercise ... "Upright Row"

Food - 
5am - 1/2 a cucumber & 12oz coke .... I was craving a dark soda * shrug *
8am - 2c Caesar salad pasta  (Link for Jams Pasta) ...  & water
6pm - 1 4oz chicken skewer 1 cup green beans 1 cup potatoes au gratin & water

Random - 
On a side note after the 8:30am CardioX workout I am contemplating making that a morning ritual, except on my off day. Will have to consult with my P90X bud at work and see what he thinks. I figure if I manage the CardioX in the AM if I oversleep or am too busy or just in general feel like crud in the afternoon I wont be as out of the loop. Thoughts? Opinions?

*** Updated Food & Workout ***
For those few of you who are keeping track after posting that I was going to try to get the CardioX workout in this AM you will be glad to know I did just that. Now the challenge will be A) getting up at 3 this afternoon and B) managing to do the shoulders and arms workout. Wish me luck :D


  1. What on earth is Caesar Salad Pasta?

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  3. Jams ...
    Cant insert a link in a comment or I would clean it up.

  4. If you're trying to lose some weight, cardio is your second best friend right next to healthy food! Try doing it thrice a week than upping it when you feel like it but don't go too fast or, trust me, you'll get bored of this within two or three weeks.

  5. Very commendable...your persistence; I got up this morning and ate some disgusting McDonalds :(

  6. Wow I butchered that updated posting :)
    Yeah Bouchard I get home this AM and I'm like wth was I thinking I cant do that cardio stuff 5-6 mornings a week AND the normal P90X workout in the afternoons. I will definitely trying squeezing it in at least 1-2 mornings a week though.

    I have some meals like that Mack. Not as many as I did say 3 months ago. It was very common for me to stop on my way to work once a week and grab McD's or BK or Taco Hell. I am doing better with drinking water and eating from home. Still have @ 1 coke a day but its better than the 3 I had been averaging :)