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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

12/7/10 - P90X - Food - Random

P90X/Random - another busy day. Had AT&T in and out of the house all day. Did an upgrade to UVERSE. People I had to struggle to max my 12 meg DL. I mean I actually had to DL some total garbage. I know I normally separate random and P90X but not today :). Point is I didnt get my work out in today. Some days I kinda look down on myself a bit since I dont do it but not today. Today my activity level was way above my normal for my off days just like yesterday. And like yesterday I managed another 12k steps compared to a normal day struggling to get 7k. Anyways I WILL get my workout in tomorrow. Now I feel obligated (which isn't a bad thing) to do my workouts more often as and I quote here ... "it really helps get me motivated to know someone out there is working hard too" ... oi CupCakeLady please please PLEASE!!! do not let my lazy days demotivate you. I work 3 nights a week, 12 hour shifts, so my off days quite often I am a lazy slug :D anyways on to todays failure with the food :x ... oh yeah I say that jokingly as today was "Breakfast with Santa" at my daughters daycare so on top of the AT&T install today was just a bit rushed.

Food -
7am - half a bowl of oatmeal & water
9am - half a bowl of cap'n crunch. Now folks I FLOVE Fruit Loops so if I only ate half a bowl of capn crunch that should tell you it falls kind of low on my taste o' meter. GAG ME!
10am - large glass of OJ
2:30 pm - 2 hot dogs & mellow yellow
7pm - Crunchy Onion chicken, green beans, rice & mellow yellow check another friend of mines blog for the crunchy onion chicken. Crunchy Onion Recipe Here this rates HIGH on the kazzamm taste o' meter :D ... And check Pie Hole's whole blog Here she has some interesting looking recipes.

More Random - I am going to try and start doing a better job of mentioning any posts on any of my friends blogs that I find interesting. Nothing more than a quick ... "Hey I tried this recipe HERE. You folks may want to give it a try it was awesome" ... or something similar. Anyways with no real plans tomorrow I hope to do a lot of sitting in front of the PC, when I am not busy with my workout, playing some PC games. :> See ya'll tomorrow.


  1. Keep the motivation level high! Even a 15minutes workout is enough to keep you motivated!

  2. well done bro!, you should play some warcraft!