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Friday, January 21, 2011

1/21/11 - Food - Random

TL:DR - Weekly recommendation ... Rigors blog isnt for everyone BUT the video he posted is of someone very inspirational go check it out! Rest of blog ... woke up feeling like crap. Didnt work out. Horid drink choices BUT I dont care :)

Food - 
7am - bowl of chili & 24oz Mt Dew
1pm - bowl of chili & 12 oz Barqs diet root beer (I had 2 of these last night before bed)
6pm - its going to be a grilled chicken sandwich on wheat bun, FFs and a large strawberry milkshake from whataburger

Random - Woke up at 6am with a migraine. It was 1pm (and numerous headache meds) before I started feeling normal. Basically I felt like crud all morning so I lay in a dark room with a tv on and just didnt care. Finally took the trash out at 1-ish. Made a mess in the basement. Stupid bag ripped. Ate lunch. Then @ 2:30 finally cleaned up the mess in the basement. Anyways here it is 4pm and I am bout to get a nice hot shower then run get my daughter. Wife has a girls nite out so its daddy daughter nite :). And frankly I dont care that I didnt work out today and had WAY more sodas than recent averages.  But I am ok with that considering how I felt this AM. I know tomorrow we are spending part of the day at the mall so I expect quite a bit of walking and I will be back to mostly water to drink. Anyways todays drink choices were based on getting as much caffeine in my system as I could. So to any nay sayers ... :P

 After waking up with a migraine I did what I do a lot of times when I wake up with one. I looked up possible causes. What did I find that was out of the ordinary for me last night ... Aspartame an ingredient in diet colas. Now I compared the Publix diet root beer from the past week vs the Barqs diet root beer from last night. Publix brand does not list aspartame but specifically says no caffeine where as the Barqs DOES list aspartame. Now I'm not blaming it only on the aspartame but it sure couldn't have helped when I am already prone to them. I did have one (Barqs) with lunch today (also took 2 more advil at the same time) and I am tempted to do some scientific research and have 2 Barqs before bed (like with dinner last night) to see how I feel the next morning except we are out of Maxalts in the house so those studies may be way off in the future. Anyone want the rest of these Barqs Diet Root Beers ? Anyways sorry for being so long winded folks. Now for my weekly recommendation. Rigors blog isnt for everyone BUT this video is of someone very inspirational. Rigor posted the video a few days ago. I have seen this video before and every time I see it it reminds me to be thankful that I am as well off as I am. Anyways check Rigors Post here and leave the man some good feedback :)
See ya'll tomorrow


  1. may I ask why only three meals?

  2. Well I know a lot of dieting books/sites/etc say more smaller meals but I just grew up with the 3 meals a day. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner and well I work 3 nights a week so the other 4 days I like having any sense of normalcy I can get.

  3. very good recommendation, thanks for that!

  4. Nice work man. The only soda I drink now is from restaurants or fast food. It's tough but it feels good when you know you're making healthier choices.