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Thursday, January 27, 2011

1/27/11 - P90X - Food - Random

P90X - I'll tell you what folks after being on the phone with AT&T for nearly 2 hours I didn;t WANT to workout then I read "Smile's" web site and say the video from Arnold and I was like well DAMN! :/ So the point is I DID workout. I did CoreX which was supposed to be my Monday workout but at least I did something.

Food -
7am - 1 orange & water
6pm - 1c orange chicken, 1c beef lo mein & 12oz mellow yellow

I plan on having a half a cucumber snack some time before midnight :)

Random - Now folks jsut because I was on the phone so long with AT&T don't think I dislike them. Quite the opposite. The problem is the guy who sold me U-Verse promised me this and that and the kitchen sink (and stupid me didn't make him put it all in writing) and now I had to talk to like 6 different people before someone was able to put in an override in the system and get me what I was sold. So my advice to everyone who reads this is to make sure you get "EVERYTHING in writing" :)
see ya'll tomorrow


  1. good 2 know

    following and supporting daily
    Player skills, get some ladies

  2. My last job was managing a cell phone store.. and even i hated dealing with their customer service