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Friday, January 7, 2011

1/7/11 - P90X - Food - Random

 P90X - Ended up doing the KenpoX workout today. I havent done it in a few weeks and I'm not exactly stuck on schedule :X. Like I said though I am going to try and move on to phase 2 next week.

Food -
I had good intentions when I woke up this AM. At 1! Then after I ended up taking my daughter to school I was right next door to CFA and it was just calling my name. There are those cow adverts on the side and I just hear "Eat mooor chicken"

8am - Chicken biscuit with gravy
5pm - 4 slices thin crust veggie lovers pizza. I wanted Supreme but I figured I had wrecked the day so far so I chose Veggie for the little bit it is less destructive.

Random -
Have I mentioned how much just the 2 weeks between Christmas and New year have wrecked my food choices?! Tomorrow wont be any better. Playing DnD with some buddies so I will grab a sandwich from Subway to hold me over. Planning on blackforest ham and I will avoid the Mayo :,<
Also fair warning folks dont expect a post tomorrow. See ya'll ... Sunday :D