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Thursday, January 6, 2011

1/6/11 - P90X - Food - Random

P90X - Kind of lost track of what exercise I am supposed ot be on with the holidays and RL stuff so I simply did a CardioX workout today

Food - I started out good :) ... finished kind of bad :x
2am - taco salad, apple & water
8am - oatmeal, 2 small sausage patties ( I burnt 2 so I should have just given up but was craving sausage so I tried again) & water
6pm - Red Robin "pub burger" has an onion roll, mushrooms and cheese. and I was starving for some reason so I inhaled way too many FFs & root beer

Random - 
Watching the parents dogs for a few days so I doubt I will get much of a nap tomorrow SO! I should have no excuse to not get a workout in. Saturday going to a friends hose to play DnD and will be gone most of the day so I will miss Saturday. Sunday is family day, So come next money I think I will simply move on to phase 2 of the P90X Lean schedule. Anyways 1st day off work so early to bed for me folks. See ya'll tomorrow.


  1. Good luck with the P90x! That's a tough program!

  2. yummm pub burger *drools* most people think i'm broke when they open my fridge, because there's nothing in it.

    good luck with phase 2 btw

  3. bad finish for food i'll say Mr pub burger :P