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Thursday, February 3, 2011

2-3-11 P90X - Food - Random

Sorry I didn't post yesterday. Wasn't much to report other than I was a slug. As for today well I was doing ok Had 2 oranges for breakfast. Managed to stay up all night (due back at work tonight). I was sleeping good today and had every intention of getting up at 3 and doing my workout. <loud screeching brakes>
Wife calls at 2pm and slightly frantic tells me to get up and get ready for work and call and warn them of some rough weather. Here in the South-East we don't know how to deal with ice/snow :) . Soooo I call my office and forewarn them and here I sit awaiting the call to come on in early. Dinner choices are looking sort of slim. AKA canned soup or maybe a McD hamburger that I am craving for some odd reason. I'll simply put todays food and exercise down as afailure and start over tomorrow.
Stay warm folks. See ya'll tomorrow.


  1. i want sum mcd now that i saw tthat. thats sooooooooooooo addicting

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