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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

2/15/2011 - P90X - Food - Random

Sorry I forgot to post this last night. Had to go out and exchange some shoes and wife was visiting family in the hospital so we were out late again.:)

P90X - I did CardioX yesterday.

Food - 
5am - 1 small orange & water
11am - spaghetti & sweet tea
7pm - mushroom swiss burger, French fries & coke

Random - 

I know dinner was kind of self destructive. we ate out and it just looked nummy :P. On a different note...
 I have been waiting 3 months before I remove what appear to be dead blogs (no new posts) from my rotation. Meaning February is almost over and folks whose last post was in November I am about to remove from my daily list.  How long do you all keep loading other peoples blogs after they appear to stop posting?


  1. Following.
    I use Google reader which updates me on the latest posts so if a blog's not active I won't waste time visiting it.

  2. Visit people who update atleast every 3 days min and always comment back on comments no matter their post time. Its the best way to go

    following and supporting, reliable

  3. *drools* mushroom swiss burger *wipes mouth*

    damn, that sounds delicious. i ate a box of pop tarts for dinner.

    as for removing dead blogs, i'm too lazy. truthfully, i never really thought about it.