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Thursday, February 17, 2011

2/16/2011 - Food - Random

Sorry I am running behind this week ...

Food - 
8am - small orange & 12oz of sweet tea
7pm - 8 oz ribeye, 1/2c sauteed squash, 1/2 cucumber

Random - 
Well after the week started off weird Monday I am afraid I have not done much better other than limiting the garbage I inhale for food. :x oh wait I haven't done that well there either. I had that mushroom swiss burger :/

In law is still in the hospital after gall-bladder surgery. Been running a fever all week. Slept all day yesterday so I could stay up last night since I need to sleep today for work tonight. Anyways enough blah blah blah. I use the google reader for a few other sites I follow. I was trying the load tabs thing to be sure people had views but its become annoying to see so many people who quit caring. least with the reader they will only get hits if they have something to say I guess :) ... lastly welcome to a couple of newcomers. thank you for the support.

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  1. I follow people who comment and who make a new topic every few days minimum. If you put comments on the thing where you gotta approve them then you can see who's commenting conveniently and return the favor with support/comment.