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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

10-19-10 - P90X=Kenpo & Food

P90X - Managed my Kenpo Workout today. For those who dont know the Kenpo workout is kickboxing. I was actually able to hang with them on this one. Pouring sweat by the end of it but it was a good workout. Of course I have trouble with kickboxing stuff due to Tae-kwon-do training, the whole time I am trying to make everything perfect form while they are just going through the motions for cardio exercise. OI!!!

Food - 
1am - Shrimp pasta Alfredo & a mellow yellow
7am - After a bad morning to finish off a boring night at work I came home and shoved 3 hotdogs in my face. I dont eat when sick/depressed but damn I can put away some food when I am pissed. I could have easily managed @ 7 hotdogs if they had been in the fridge.
5pm - Shrimp, rice & water at Japanese :/ ... Update ... 3 glasses of Mt Dew as I was sitll irked by work.

See yall in the AM


  1. sounds good, i wish i knew what a mellow yellow was though

  2. citrus flavored drink very thick tasting like sprite mixed with Orange juice. Cokes version of Mt Dew.

  3. I could eat 7 hot dogs. Yum. Is it Diet dew at least?!?

  4. Lo there Jams. No it isnt diet dew. :/ When I go self destruct mode I do it right.

  5. Btw it was Mellow Yellow at work then Mt Dew at the Japanese restuarant