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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

10-20-10 ... P90X - Core Synergistics... Food

P90X - Core Synergistics ...
Alright I slacked off a bit today. I did the routine but I skipped some of the push up stuff. I at least feel like I am doing ok though. I have managed to do my workouts 8 out of the last 9 days ... I think. I cba to check all of my posts :)

Food -
2am - Left over Japanese rice, vegetables and shrimp & Mt. Dew
6pm - Grilled chicken strip salad & mellow yellow
9pm - banana

This is my last day of work this week so maybe just maybe I can get an extra workout in this week. Tomm is CardioX then Fri is scheduled to be Shoulders,Arms & Ab ripper. I hope to do the shoulders/Arms Fri AM then maybe get yoga Fri afternoon. Sat = Legs & Back and rest Sun. Then hopefully next week I can double up 1 day and I can work my schedule around to Sun being my normal rest day :>
If nothing else I will skip yoga for the next 2 weeks if I can't manage to double up those days.

Anyways back to work. See yall tomm.


  1. it looks like you've got a good diet going (maybe besides the Mt. Dew). eating right is a bigger part of getting results than i previously realized

  2. I have my good days and my bad days. My wife is doing WW and I know I make it tough on her as before the past few weeks I hadn't really monitored what I ate that much myself.

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  4. good job at keeping your routine. I know how hard that can be.