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Monday, November 8, 2010

11/08/10 - P90X - Food - Random

P90X - Legs and back. Feeling a bit under the weather today. Been all stuffed up last several days, not today though but I was/am feeling all weak and puny ... more so than this awesome physique can account for ... I ended up doing a mini workout. Skipped a couple of the wall squats and reduced some of my reps from 30-20. I know I still need to get the 30 day photos taken and posted although I do not think there will be a noticeable difference. Have a long week off starting Thursday AM so I should get those taken this week.

Food -
7am - having been up since 12:30am I was starving ... had a double serving of oatmeal & water
6pm - 2 chicken burritoes, 1 bean burrito 2 sodas and some advil. trying to kick start the ibuprofen.

Random - In respect to my SIL and new BIL who were involved in an auto accident yesterday on their way to their honeymoon cruise ... Hit and Run people SUCK! If you cause an accident MAN THE F UP! Thankfully no serious injuries even though from my limited understanding the car was rolled and side air bags were deployed aka the car, less than a year old for them, is totaled.

See ya'll later.


  1. been involved in two hit and runs =/

  2. great post, looking forward to more from you

  3. I'm just very thankful that they're alright. And clearly airbags and seatbelts do their jobs!

  4. Hmm I can't wait to try P90x. I am asking for it for christmas :D