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Thursday, December 9, 2010

12/09/10 - P90X - Food - Random

P90X - Shoulders and Arms ... check cupcakeladys blog for the exact exercises :P ... its kind of funny but some of the workouts I do the 15 reps with my 8# free weight and I'm like man I need something a bit heavier and some I struggle on :> ... yeah I know it shows im a weakling BUT Tony says 12-15 reps for lean and 8-10 for big muscles. Or however he words it. Anyways I have asked for some 10 or 12# free weights for Christmas so we shall see. :)

Food -
7am - oatmeal, and sausage & 16oz OJ
1pm - white chicken chili & water
7pm - 2 whopper jrs & 12oz Mt Dew.

Random -
Daughter had a Christmas show at her school tonight. All the kids were adorable, mine too. I just wish she woudl actually interact a little more :) BUT at least this year she wasn't sobbing like last year.


  1. Don't mind her, at least she isn't going to end out being a slut, which I'm sure you should be happy about! Good job on the training and food, that was way better than the other days! Keep up the good work man!

  2. ive found that doing lots of reps with light weights adds definition quickly

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  4. I think he meant to say less reps with heavier weights equals bigger muscles. And more reps with lighter weights equals more lean muscles.

  5. Hehe unfortunately I didn't do a detailed explanation of my shoulders and arms workout (since I'm updating while on my phone), but I love that we are like on the same schedule! Lol

  6. I didn't know that about getting different types of muscles, I feel like I'm doing my homework before starting a big project with this, I'm glad you guys are keeping it up to date so far.

  7. Yeah I was a little off with mine anyways,. Actually restarted phase one last week so I am on week 2 of phase 1. Although I prefer my recovery day to be on Sunday so I will skip a workout somewhere (probably skip the yoga today) to push me 1 day ahead of you.