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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

12/14/10 - P90X - Food - Random

P90X - Been laid out on the couch with a borderline migraine headache most of the day. But I WILLget my CoreX workout in the AM. Have some Christmas shopping to handle.

Food - Did fairly well on my food today even though I will admit I have been craving a "REAL" hamburger all DAY!
7am - Oatmeal & 24oz of OJ
10am - 1 slice meat lovers pizzas (ok maybe not as well as I thought in retrospect)
1pm - Can of Progressive Lite Italian something Soup (this was ZERO points under the old WW scale. But its high on sodium. 1 Serving ... 1 per can = 29% of daily sodium recommendations) & 12oz Root beer.
6pm - Heavy serving of paste. TBH I would have to say probably 1/2# of pasta and matching sauce. & 12oz Mt Dew

I know I know ... 2 sodas today. Was trying to get some caffeine in with the 12 Ibuprofen I took (not all at once) t help get rid of my headache.

Random -  
"Thank you for calling AT&T/DirecTV. How can I help you today?"
"Yes I need to cancel my service."
"May I ask why?"
 "Switching to AT&T Uverse." 
"You do know they are having technical difficulty with their service dont you? And when you watch HD packages you are losing some of your Internet bandwidth."
<Insert assorted other Directv attempts to get me to stay with them>
... "Thank you for having used AT&T/DirecTV"

SERIOUSLY!?!?! Not only did the automated system say ATT/DirecTV BUT!!! THE F'N rep said ATT/DireTV TWICE!!!! Yet she is still bashing AT&T!!!

Don't get me wrong folks I liked Directv and the few times I have needed to call they have been super nice. And the lady today wasn't ugly but she sure talked bad against AT&T. I actually liked my DirecTV Service BUT AT&T dropped my bill by about $40/month WHILE upping my inet from 6meg DSL to 12 meg fiber optic. But really people Ya'll have an alliance or whatever with AT&T isn't there something that says "DONT BASH AT&T" ? Anyways rant over. See ya'll tomorrow. And dont worry I wont be crashing at 8:30 tonight. Managed @ 2 hours of naps offand on while on the couch today.


  1. I love how you bolded and underlined the will! Let's just hope you'll get the motivation for it in the morning. If no, come check out my videos when waking up! That AT&T story made me laugh, that was kinda retarded haha

  2. Good luck! Hopefully you can squeeze it all in!

  3. I hope your border line migraine goes away! I've got some Christmas shopping to take care of as well.