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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

12/15/10 - P90X - Food - Random

P90X - CoreX ... Well folks this is an early update as I wanted the few of you who may read this early in the AM to know I DID my CoreX Workout. Yeah I know this is supposed to be a journal of me working out and I skip some days but hey I'm Not Mr. Universe. Go to Cali and speak to Arnold for that. :) Seriously though here it is 9:30am and I have finished the Core workout for the day. I, as always, skipped the "Dreya Roll" sorry I doubt I will ever do those. Back injury from my karate days and frankly I don't want to risk it. On the positive side of things though I cheated a little less with the push ups today. I still did weakling styles on my knees but I think I did more reps (I need to make a CoreX worksheet) and I didn't skip some of the ones I normally do skip such as the Reach high and under ones. TBH I HATE pushups and pull ups/chin ups. My arms have always been my weak spot. The CoreX is truly a good workout if you take it serious and frankly ... just muscle through it. I didn't do the Sphinx (I challenge any of you computer nerds to do them though) BUT!!! I hope to be there someday. Enough rambling see yall later.

Food - 
7am - Oatmeal and water
9am - Excedrin migraine and 12oz mt dew. (Do ibuprofen and other pain pills have calories? not that it matters. :P)
1pm - Turkey and roast beef sandwich on rye w/ lettuce tomato, onion and Russian dressing and 1/2c potato salad & water
6pm - Chicken fajita w/ rice and fried beans & water

Managed to avoid Whopper Jrs for lunch for something slightly less destructive. :)

Random -
Does everyone else find it difficult to do holiday shopping for family members now days? I'm not talking "oh I'm broke I cant spend money" difficult I'm talking corporate America has become so greedy want, want, want, now, now, now that we all already have anything and everything? I am just as guilty as the next person mind you. I go down the clearance aisle at Target just to look at the clearance rack of PC games. Don't buy them that often but I still look. Then come Christmas family is like "What do you want for Christmas?" and all I can say is "Um ... spend it on my daughter. I don't need anything."

Alright enough ranting. (and rambling) off to do some of that Christmas shopping for the hard to shop for family members :D


  1. Good job on doing your training in the morning man! As for the pushups, they're mainly training your pectoral area and a little bit your triceps so you shouldn't skip them as it is one of the best overall exercise!

  2. MOSES STONE, YOU ARE THE MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    oh, wait. sorry. 0:D

  3. You're going to BURGER KING for a REAL hamburger? Gross dude. And I won't be quoting points for you... I'm all for a real hamburger now and again... Just don't get 2 or 3 of them.

  4. @ Mr Brouchard ... yeah I've skipped some of the push up stuff with the past Core work outs. Didn't do it today though and I hope no more skipping push ups... other than sphinx ones :> look em up on you-tube. F'N INSANE!

    @ Ally ... that's COLD!!! and actually the Dreya roll makes my back hurt just watching. You can thank pip squeak from my class (another name lost in the recess of my mind) NOT Moses from the tournament. :>

    @ Jams ... 2-3 Whopper Jr's is nothing for me. :x Maybe you missed couple of weeks ago where I said I use to take in 5k calories a day couple of years ago. :P

  5. Oatmeal and water...ouch there

  6. Dear god, didn't know what these sphinx push-ups were! Can barely do 10..

  7. lol I don't even attempt them for now. First couple of times I tried and I couldn't even do 1 ugly one. Just imagine mixing a set of these in the middle of an hour long intense workout. :) And I bet you were like "why is this guy wimping out on push ups.

  8. I'm glad that kept your word and did your CoreX workout! Seems like you had some good (and not too unhealthy) food today too!