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Friday, December 17, 2010

12/17/10 - P90X - Food - Random

I will be back at work Mon-Wed night then lLots of random holiday events going on in the next 2 weeks. So basically there is a 99% chance I will miss multiple workouts and postings over the next several days. Please do not think I have given up on my journal. I know my eating will be severaly strained as well but I am all the more motivated to avoid the McDs sausage biscuits and have oatmeal and water for breakfast. Yeah I need to find an extra breakfast solution. On to the posting ...

P90X - Wasnt home most of the day. Got home at 10am. slept 10:30am-3pm. left at 4pm. Theres always tomorrow. :)

Food -
4am - more of the traditional Christmas food from yesterday. Ham, stuffing, macNcheese, green beans & 12oz root beer
3pm - 1/2c grapes & 12oz OJ
7pm - Panini and wavy lays & water

Yeah yeah I failed on tracking portions today but !!! I am building upon what I start only 2 1/2 months ago.

Random -
Check out my wife's friend Jamie's blog ... Jamie's Blog ... She is a WW grad ... and folks I will tell you the people who manage to stick with the WW points system are tough crackers. I am finding it tough just to keep up with what I eat much less how much. I am getting there though. Anyways Jamie completed her first half-marathon in May, 2009... and is currently entered in another in March of 2011 and a 10 mile race in April AND I believe she has plans to try a full marathon. AND she has wedding plans for next year. Yeah I should do a better job of checking dates and such but I'm too lazy :D anyways give this chicky your support for doing something most of us arent motivated to do ourselves. :)

SECRET SANTA WISH ... A Treadmill!!! :D


  1. Don't worry, everybody is going to be less active.. it's the holidays after all! I'm personally writting and scheduling post for the two next weeks so all I'll have to do is moderate my comments as I might also not be at home for a few weeks!

  2. Kkazzamm asked me to mention he is having a 12oz coke while sitting at work.

  3. Nice, I haven't had a panini sandwich in quite a while. Those things are delicious!

  4. I work 3 nights a week. 7pm-730am.