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Friday, December 31, 2010

12/31/10 - P90X - Food - Random

P90X - Its NYE :)

Food - NYE ... food was wrecked at 2am whehn I woke up early and started off with chips and cheese con queso

So today I go out to start pulling the Christmas decorations in and what do I find? Not the power strip that should be out there, nor the ends to 2 inflatables and the ends to 2 extension cords. Someone cut the ends off. They even cut the end off my projector. In all they probably got @ 20 foot of low end cords and 5 foot of heavy duty stuff. I have figured out who it is too ... copper thieves. And tbh I blame the news agencies. The whole copper thing has been blown out of proportion ... "ITS GONNA SNOW!" rush to get bread and milk. "Copper at all time high" ... "Copper thieves strike again". All the sensationalism makes people think there is money in it. The amount of money these people will spend on melting the 20 foot or so of copper they got from my house outweighs the amount they will make. Now I am all the more determined to buy a large amount of land and get off the main streets, put up a chain link fence (maybe electric) AND! get a big dog or 3 and teach them that non family members are LUNCH! Maybe even get that Serval afterall. Put huge "WARNING DEADLY ANIMAL" signs that way when some bastard disappears I can say "I warned the stupid s'head to stay off my lawn". I am curious if the "man's home is his castle" law extends on to my front porch. Here in Alabama if someone comes in my house uninvited I have the legal right to put their head through a meat grinder. Can I do the same if they are on my porch? If so perhaps I should not-invite some bastards on to my front porch with a huge drop of copper wiring. Anyways rant over. See ya'll tomorrow.