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Monday, January 3, 2011

1/3/11 - P90X - Food - Random

Sorry I took a couple of days off folks :)

P90X - Sadly I should have gotten back in the routine today and come 3pm I simply siad "it aint happening" and went back to sleep for 45 more minutes. I WILL do better tomorrow

Food -
The holidays rolled over into a day I had to stay up all night. Needless to say today was a "Food Holiday"

Random -
I want to say it amazes me how easy it is to fall back in to old habits (being a lazy slug) but it doesnt. Its human nature to want want want! :<
Yeah I did a lot of "Wanting" over the last several days. I will be doing my weight check in shortly and I fear I may have gained in these last 2 weeks what I had managed to work off in the last 3 months. * crosses fingers *
Anyways enough moping :D ... see ya'll tomorrow.

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