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Thursday, January 6, 2011

1/5/11 - P90X - Food - Random --- POST IN COMMENT

P90X - Old karate injuries and lack of sleep this week have caught up to me. I did not work out today.

1am - 1 can progresso light soup & 12oz Mt Dew
8am - chicken biscuit w/ gravy & 12oz OJ
6pm - taco salad & water

On a positive note I brought a cucumber and apple for snack tonight. And a small serving of taco salad. ... blogger being weird tonight. Will change this from a comment to real post in the AM assuming blogger gets its stuff fixed.

@ Mr Brouchard ...  I have cut way down on my sodas m8. Back before Oct 1 it was very common for me to have 3-4 12oz sodas a day. I doubt I will every completely give them up.


  1. Glad(well somehow) I'm not the only one not being able to post.

  2. Having trouble with working up too, can't keep a very strict schedule for a long time