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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

1/4/11 - P90X - Food - Random

Sorry for being so late folks. Got busy at work and forgot to logon.

P90X - Excuses ... blah blah blah ... suffice it to say this was the hardest I have found it to workout. TBH had the UPS guy not rung my doorbell I would not have gotten out of bed at 4pm and exercised any. It would have been 5pm before I rolled out of bed and done NO exercising. Anyways I only managed half of the CoreX workout. I WILL do better tomorrow/today.

Food -
2am - 1 hotdog, 1 chicken burrito and water
8am - 1 spicy chicken biscuit & 12oz OJ
6pm - beeftips w/ rice, green beans & 12oz Mt. Dew

Random -
Did I mention how easy I am finding it to almsot slip back in to my old/bad habits?! Today I got home and to be kind I will just say the hotdog (Omaha steaks brand ... which I enjoy most of their food) was making my stomach do spiralling backflips! Folks I have a fairly strong stomach you should just see some of the stuff I used to eat. SO! I was late going to bed and was already restless then my neighbors dog barked ALL DAY! This in turn made my dog lay there whining all day. I didnt get to sleep until well after 11am. Come 3pm when my alarms went off it wasn just No. or HELL NO! but ... H... F'n NO!!! Then the UPS guy rings the bell and I had to get up so I strugged through some exercises. Tomorrow WILL be better. :D

Enough whining! Get back to work everyone.
P.S. hope everyone has started the new year off right and decided this is the year you will start slow but steadily increase your activity levels.


  1. Your food seems to have change from diet to non diet. Or am I wrong? :P

  2. @ Smile ... the hotdog was on a whole wheat bun :x but yes my food has definitly shifted to more destructive than I would like. I have picked up a fresh batch of cucumbers so I should be having a lot more of those over the next several days.

  3. As I said multiple times before; why don't you try out drinking nothing else than water for only two weeks. The day before going on the scale, don't eat too much salt to avoid water retention and I bet you'll see a huge difference. If this doesn't get you any motivation to stop drinking sodas (which is also quite good for your health), than idk what can!

  4. I've also seen you started drinking juice, which is also quite good but water will also be washing your stomach. You might also want to get your hand on a multi-vitamins to help you keep some energy your body might feel like lacking when you start dieting. It sure did help me out when I did want to lose some bodyfat! bodybuilding.com is also really great to get your hand on some useful tutorials about losing weight and the forum community is the best one you can find online!