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Friday, January 14, 2011

1/13/11 - P90X - Food - Random

P90X - CardioX ... I will be honest folks. I only gave this workout about 75% effort and that equaled about 50% effort on a "good" day. Having worked 55+ hours in 4 days and lack of sleep Sunday/Monday kinda wore me down. BUT I look at any actual exercise today as a victory. I will admit I didn't want to work out. Who really wants to work? Well some days I don't mind and some days I am like BLEH! but today I was anti working out but I did it anyways mostly because I said I would and I try my darnedest to do the things I say I will do. So I count this as a victory. So in the spirit of doings things I say I will do I am saying I WILL workout tomorrow. I am planning on the KenpoX and then move on to the phase 2 schedule next week since this week has been ... fubared.

Food - Some good choices and some bad choices today
12am - 1 banana 
2am - 1/2c fried rice, 1/2c general tao chicken, 1/2c kung pao shrimp & water
6am - 1 orange
9am - (boooo) ... 1 strawberry danish
6pm - 6 grilled chicken raviolis & 24oz Mt. Dew

Random - 
I sit here physically drained after a hard week at work and I wonder is the exercise working? Granted I have  seen the numbers on the scale the last couple of months but I am still exhausted. Hopefully after a good nights sleep, which I doubt I will manage since I was a slug and slept too much today, I will feel better come morning time. No folks I am not going to quit or give up its just one of those days every one has where I am tired and that makes a person feel a bit down. Thankfully here it is 8pm and my energy drinks (Mt. Dews) have not given me a huge surge. See ya'll tomorrow

sorry this should have been up at 9pm i forgot to hit "publish"

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